Our technology was originally designed to recover valuable materials such as metals and glass from waste. And is the only gasification technology that can recover these materials undamaged due to the proprietary & patented process that condition the process chamber atmosphere for metal protection and well-controlled organic gasification. This means that materials like cans, foils and glass bottles remaining in the waste stream when it reaches our plants are all processed and their valuables fully recovered. The resulting metal is clean, sanitized, of a higher value and is ready to be recycled as an alternative to mined metals.

Our system can process almost any kind of metal scrap and the recovered metals are cleaned of all organics and therefore classified as "specification-grade", which is recycled with fewer harmful emissions and increased metal recovery.

Compared to conventional metal recycling processes, our process has no emissions, very low metal losses and a very low operating cost. It is because of this, our technology's superior unique features and the vastly superior quality of metal recovered by our process that we are the world leader in this field.

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